Monday, March 23, 2009

Oprah Watch: Day III, and Other Thoughts

Its been almost three days since I emailed Oprah about this blog, and still no word.  I really think that the least Oprah could do is make this blog one of the "hot topics" over at her website. Right now the hot topics are, in order from left to right:

The Container Store
Ellen DeGeneres
Oprah's puppy
Celebrity chef recipies
Submit Talented kids videos

I imagine this fundraiser falling somewhere between Ellen and Oprah's puppy. 

Yesterday we had over 600 viewers. That's a lot. If each of them had given ten cents, we'd have one clean microwave and be well on our way to a second. But in the end this really isn't about microwaves or an internship, it's about making sure that young people in Peru are given a chance to succeed. I hate to sound like a cheesy infomercial, but giving a dollar or two could literally help change someone's life. 

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed or helped out in any way. 

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