Tuesday, March 17, 2009

About the Fundraiser

The microwaves at school are gross. 

It's not just the microwaves, but the whole refrigerator/microwave area, really. It's one of the dirtiest areas I've ever been around, and I've been around some dirty things

Everyday I tell myself that someone really should clean the microwaves and fridges. I've grown more and more frustrated as the microwave becomes more and more encrusted with Lean Cuisine explosions. I would rather keep my food in a homeless man's shopping cart (next to his dirty laundry, even) than in the refrigerators at school. 

Well, I've finally decided to combine my desire to have this stuff cleaned up with my desperate need for money. I'm going to Peru this summer for an internship, and I really need the cash. So here's the dealio: if I can raise the following amounts of money by Monday the 3oth of March, I will do the following:

$200---Clean one microwave.

$400---Clean both microwaves.

$600---Clean both microwaves and one fridge.

$800---Clean both microwaves and both fridges. 

$1000--Clean both microwaves, both fridges, and stock microwave area with napkins and plastic ware

Here's the big one:

$2000--For TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS I will clean both microwaves, both fridges, stock the area with all that stuff, and I will continue to clean the microwaves every Saturday morning for the rest of my 2 plus years in law school. 

So make it happen people. Every dollar counts.

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